Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anne Frank Webquest

Hello! Today you will be exploring the secret annex that Anne Frank lived in, along with Anne Frank herself.

1.) Take a tour of her secret annex here:

Please take some notes on what the annex looked like.
a.) What where the living conditions like for Anne Frank?
b.) How might someone survive those hardships?
c.) Draw a picture of the floor plan.

2.) Pick two Anne Frank Quotes and analyze them. What do they mean? Do you agree with this quote? Use the form I have provided. You can type your answers.

3.) Take a look at pictures of Anne Frank's diary.

Read some passages from her diary. Then you must create your own diary entry.

Choose from the topcis below:

What If? What if you were forced from your home, separated from your family, put in a cattle car, and dropped off at a concentration camp? How would you cope with the situation? Do you think something like the Holocaust could happen in America today? Why or why not?

Describe how you would feel if the government forced you to wear a symbol on your clothes       EVERYDAY to let people know that you belonged to a certain race, religion, etc. 

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